Spread across dozens of tables, education insiders and community members came together Tuesday night at the Meridan Center to talk about what education should look like in the state of Kansas.
“I was very impressed with the level of discussion,” said facilitator Doug Moeckel from the Kansas Association of School Boards. “They were very focused on what can be done to improve education in Harvey County and the state.”
The meeting was part of a series of meetings across the state, with representatives from more than 100 school districts participating.
Each table was charged with answering three questions, and results will be tabulated and then distributed.
The three questions were:

What do Kansas public schools currently offer that promotes intellectual, educational, vocational and scientific improvement? What are Kansas public schools not doing that should be added to promote improvement? What should Kansas public schools stop doing because it does not lead to improvement?

The results of the meeting series will be tablulated, and another series of regional meetings is planed for October. The nearest regional meeting will be in Wichita.