Everyone, it seems, is wanting a break from a summer heatwave settled in over central Kansas — including area heating and air companies.
The heat wave has been brutal and led to long hours for air-conditioning technicians.
“We keep our guys busy 12 hours a day,” said Andrew Talbot of Denny’s Heating and Cooling.
His crew could use a break, and so could the short-handed crew from Graber’s Plumbing and Heating Division.
Two members of the Graber team are serving in the military overseas, making this summer just that much busier for the technicians who remain.
“We are short handed, and with the heat wave, we are pretty busy,” said Greg Dirksen of Graber’s. “We are doing the best that we can.”
Both said they have been able service most calls within a day — but those days are very full.
“We will be ready for  a break in the near future,” Talbot said. “This is the worst one we have seen. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years, and I have never seen anything like this.”
Talbot encouraged area residents to leave their thermostats pretty much in the same place most of the time, even if the house starts warming up as the brunt of the afternoon sun takes over each day.
“The extreme temps are harder on these systems, Talbot said. “Be patient and hopefully they will recover in the evening. ... Changing your thermostat, you will lose temperature in the afternoon.”