U.S. citizens should feel free to express their religious beliefs and still be active participants in the democratic process.
However, a recent move by the Newton school board may force some community members to choose between religious commitment and democratic expression.
The school board has traditionally met on the first and third Mondays of the month.
However, Matt Treaster proposed a change in the school board schedule to meet on the first Wednesday and third Monday of the month. He said he had a scheduling conflict with sports practice.
It has been an unwritten rule in Newton and across the state that most school activities are not scheduled on Wednesdays as to allow families to attend religious services or Bible study on this night.
It can be difficult enough to get community members to come to school board meetings and offer their input during the public comment sessions.
The school board should not ask members of our religious community to choose between God and government.
Although mentoring the area youth through sports is a laudable endeavor, Treaster should not have run for office if he knew he had a scheduling conflict with school board meetings.
This editorial board urges the school board to change the meetings back to Mondays or to at least choose a day that does not conflict with religious services.

— Kansan editorial board