A representative of the county’s insurance provider, KCAMP, told the commission Monday the county has a higher than average loss ratio.
In 2007, the county’s loss ratio was a little more than 100 percent, in 2008, it was 247 percent, in 2009, it was 48 percent, and last year, it was 126 percent.
The county’s four-year average loss ratio is 134 percent.
If KCAMP was a commercial insurer, it would need its insured clients to have a loss ratio of about 60 percent to make money. A loss ration more than 100 percent means the county filed more in claims than it paid in premiums.
The county’s largest loss last year was a fire than destroyed a scrapper. A hydraulic hose burst, spewed hydraulic fluid on the engine, and the piece of equipment caught fire.
John Waltner, county administrator, said the equipment had recently been serviced, and he did not know what the county could have done to prevent the fire. That claim was for $150,000.
The county pays about $146,000 per year for insurance. That covers everything except worker’s compensation.
Despite having a loss ratio higher than some other counties in the state, the county’s insurance rate drooped last year by 1.3 percent.
Larry Sharp, KCAMP
representative, attributed this to a soft insurance market.

In other business, the county:

Approved the purchase of four $20 road signs to designate the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail through Harvey County. Approved a memorandum of understanding between the Harvey County Health Department and the Health Ministries on the coordinating of care between the two entities. Health Ministries will serve as the medical primary care provider for clients both entities serve. Appointed Tim Johnson and Richard Denno to the Public Building Commission. Reappointed Neva Frey and Dorothy Kennedy to the Harvey County Council on Aging. Approved a memorandum that would give emergency management access to a list of residents with special needs in case of a disaster. Approved bylaws for the Kansas Local Emergency Planning Committee. Approved a Harvey County Emergency Operations Plan. Approved the adoption of a resolution that would allow the emergency management director to make minor changes or corrections as needed to the emergency plan without the commission’s approval.