The weather was warm and a bit muggy, but the spirits of those attending the local 4-H Supporters Picnic Wednesday night could not be thwarted.
Many dined on food, after which, there was a Fashion Revue featuring 4-H youth and clothing they either made or picked out. The event was in Athletic Park.
The outfits represented projects youth have done with clothing, such as buymanship and clothing construction.
Children on the small wooden runway were stars for the night, as parents and others took photos of the 4-H models, wearing a variety of clothing, from sparkly outfits to shorts to a lace-and-leopard outfit.
County 4-H groups represented during the show were East Lakers, Hesston 4-H Club, Hesston Wranglers, Lucky 13, Sedgwick and Walton Willing Workers.
Models included Jessie Conner, Sarah Gardner, Haly Hendricks, Katie Koehn, Nicholas Koehn, Brody Boese, Macy Jo Boese, Wyatt Boese, Alexis Martin, Alyssa Boden, Elyse Boden, Rebecca Ring, Caleb Hurst, Jessica Hurst, Marissa Hurst, Whitney Jones, Hunter Lanier, Nathan Lanier, Ryan Littlejohn, Alisha Nolte, Cierra Nolte, Renee Nolte, Renny Storey, Jenna Baldwin, Brylee Budde, Faye Smith and Courtney White.
Following the Fashion Revue, awards were presented to 4-H’ers, and then there were door prizes. Swim time was from 8:30 to 10 p.m.