About Erica
AGE AND TOWN: 21. Grew up in Newton and now resides in Manhattan
Type of art you’re involved in: Photography
How long have you been doing this?: Since high school; it definitely got stronger as I came to K-State though.
Upcoming art show: Erica will be one of two featured artists during a new exhibit opening from 6:30 to 9 p.m. July 30 at Tortoise Gallery and Art Center, 128 Main St. in Halstead.
Web site: Creativepassions.biz

What do you like about your art? I truly love catching God's handy artwork that he provides for us everyday! I have my camera with me wherever I go; no matter where you are, there can be anything artistic, and I love finding those things.

How did you get started?
 I have always been the person that had a camera in my bag, in my pocket or on my wrist, but once I saw what cool things were out there in nature, I just would go on walks and take pictures.
Describe a memorable moment from your pursuit of art and/or any schooling:
 I love it when I accidentally find a shot that I fall in love with. If you know me, you know that I am a klutz. I have a couple pictures that I have taken after falling, and as I am laying on the ground, or getting up, I see the perfect shot and I just snap it! It is awesome!