Cut emergency services or raise taxes, sounds like a broken record. City, county and schools all need to look at reducing expenses. Not once has any of our commissioners and board members suggested looking at cutting administration manpower, since we do need several assistants to the top job holder. What is not to understand about the mean of “live within your means.”
Mill levies have increased dramatically in recent years, yet our national and local economy have not stayed abreast of spending.
Several city commissioners — (Ken) Hall, (Willis) Heck and (Racquel) Thiesen all said people are willing to pay more to maintain the status quo. If you property owners and taxpayers haven’t yet contacted your commissioners by now, then you deserve to be taxed more.
Below are the numbers of your city commissioners. Call them, identify yourself, be cordial and express your feelings.
Ken Hall 284-2240
Racquel Thiesen 282-0106
Glen Davis 283-8976
Willis Heck 283-6649
Jim Nickel 282-8042.
— Gary Loyd, Newton