Those in public office call it “discourse.” And over the course of the past few years we’ve all watched it decline.
The act of writing a civil, well thought letter to a decision maker seems to be dead.
This last week The Kansan polled online users, asking if they had written a letter to their state congressperson within the last year.
The results are disheartening.
A majority  — 59 percent — said they had not. These results are unscientific, however, these are people who care enough about thier opinions to particpate in a voluntary poll.
Each Legislative session during the last few years we’ve been hearing how dire the outlook is for the state economy. There have been cuts to education, the arts and social services.
Meanwhile, it seems, many don’t bother to voice their opinion of what is going on. We find it hard to believe people don’t have an opinion.
It begs the question, are we all too happy to sit on the sidelines and moan, rather than to take five minutes out of our day to let decision makers know what we think?