Newton City Commissioners considered another budget scenario at a special meeting Monday at City Hall.
Previously, commissioners had looked at a scenario that included a 5 mill increase. The new scenario would lower that increase to 3 mills.
Supplemental funding for the fire/EMS department, the police department and street projects were factored into the scenario, but it does not include $110,000 for the Newton Public Library capital reserve or funding for an information technology director position proposed by staff.
Commissioners discussed the pros and cons of the new scenario. Some commissioners voiced concerns about how raising taxes would impact those who are struggling financially, but others felt making too many spending cuts might harm the city’s goals for the future.
As commissioners draw closer to the time to vote on the budget, Mayor Ken Hall said he believed it was important for them to keep an eye on the future.
“We can’t be short-sighted and just look at what we’re doing now,” he said.