Newton Weekday Bible School is now 87 years in the Newton public school system.
We now are gearing up for another new school year. Literally tens of thousands of Newton first- through sixth-graders have come through the program in the last nearly nine decades. We are looking for the oldest living graduate of the release time program. Whether you still live in Newton or have moved to Timbuctoo .... we want you! In fact we'd like to hear from all who “care to share.” Share a photograph, a memory, name a teacher who left an impression on you. What school did you attend from or which church did you walk to? Do you still have your Bible?
Remember, you were the most important part of the program; this is still true for the chidren today.
Look for the Weekday Bible School tent at Hope Fest Aug. 13.
See you at enrollment.
Contact us at Newton Weekday Bible School, P.O. Box 10, Newton, KS 67114, e-mail at or 283-5676.
— Brad Stephens,