Did you know … when children are removed from their homes by social services, many times they are only given a trash bag to put their stuff in?
Well, it’s true. It happens right here, every day.  
My name is Elizabeth Biggs. I am here today to talk about how much a duffel bag can be worth for children in the foster care system.  His Hands of Hope and Newton Young Professionals are collecting duffel bags filled with a few necessities to be distributed to children as they come into foster care.  
My husband, Eric, and I have had the privilege of adopting two of our children out of the foster care system. We have witnessed first-hand the importance of this type of outreach.  
When we received our daughter into our care, she had nothing of her very own…and certainly nothing new. When we picked her up to bring her home, she came with a white trash bag – inside the bag were naked and broken baby dolls and McDonalds toys.  
The “white trash bag” is not a unique way of moving children in foster care. In fact, that’s probably the norm. However, when I consider the message it sends to children – that they and their stuff are only worthy of a trash bag, not a nice, new bag with a real handle — it is no wonder that many of them begin to feel unworthy, unnoticed and unloved.
Receiving a new duffel bag at such a crisis time for a child will not fix their life, but it has the potential to plant a seed of love. The idea is that the duffel bag serves as a tangible way for us as a community to touch a child in need of care and demonstrate their worth as children created by a loving God.  
Newton Young Professionals and His Hands of Hope will be collecting duffel bags filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a $5 Wal-Mart card from Monday to June 3rd.  
Contact Lindsay Frasier at 283.7101 to schedule a pick-up or drop your filled bag off at the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce.