Members of C Battery, headquartered at the Newton Armory, are preparing to ship out to the horn of Africa — the third tour of active duty for the group of more than 100 soldiers.
There will be a meet and greet open to community members as guard members prepare to leave from 8 a.m. to noon Friday at the armory, 400 N. Grandview.
“We would love to do more to send these guys off, but logistically it is not possible,” said Staff Seargent Warren Scott, headquatered at National Guard Armory.
There will be a ceremony including Gov. Sam Brownback at noon Wednesday at the Bicentennial Center in Salina. They deploy Tuesday.
This troupe has taken losses in other active tours — Dave Berry on the first deployment, Ronald Schmidt during the last deployment, were killed while deployed.
And while C Battery is not headed to Iraq or Afganistan, they are headed to another hot spot on the globe.
“This mission has been a peacekeeping mission,  but with incidents in Somolia, they are actually going back into a combat zone,” Scott said.