Giant Germs, pretend germs and kid-powered rockets filled Slate Creek Elementary School Tuesday night.
The school had its second Family Nutrition Night that was supported by a $400 Fuel Up to Play 60 grant.
About 65 people participated in the event Tuesday night.
Students made Giant Germs, which where snacks with peanut butter in between two Ritz crackers with pretzel stick for legs and Craisins for eyes.
Evan Dinneen, third grader, licked peanut butter from the lips below his chocolate milk mustache (The children were given milk mustache stickers.).
“They are tasty. They are easy to make,” Dinneen said.
In another room, students practiced their hand-washing skills.
They rubbed a gel the coordinator called pretend germs on their hands and then washed their hands.
If any of the pretend germs were left on their hands, it showed up on students’ hands under an ultraviolet light.
“We let them go back and wash again to see how well they did the second time,” said Donna Eigsti, school nurse.
In a computer lab, students engaged in a computer program during which they choose foods for meals. Poor foods resulted in the rocket ship crashing on the landing pad. Good food choices resulted in a successful take off.
Kids were given the chance to participate in a scavenger hunt during which they scoured the school looking for items to help them answer questions on a worksheet about good nutrition.
Another area of the school was dedicated to “Who Wants to be a Foodinaire?” which was based on the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Students answered question on nutrition to win prizes.
In the gym, students and parents engaged in physical activity in a match game. The participants were given oversized playing cards, which they had to hand off to other participants in the game. The group hopped, skipped and ran as they passed cards, trying to be the holder of the lowest card on the playing floor.
Although the grant was targeted specifically at Slate Creek families, Newton schools has received a separate grant it hopes to use to put on a districtwide wellness night this spring.