We like to think that our government schools have intentionally “dumbed down” our kids. I'm inclined to agree because we have also dumbed down some teachers. Also, some blame would have to be directed at the people that pick and choose what is in the text books that are taught in our schools. Too many progressives have been selected to write the books.
Now I wonder who can take the blame for dumbing down the older generation. My point is this .... we were told if we were willing to pay a price, we would be provided with complete programming on our televisions. As time passed, advertising was slipped in until today 40 percent on pay T.V. is paid advertising that we are forced to pay to watch. Maybe double dipping would be the proper explanation. Our pay T.V. should be reduced at least the 40 percent, but instead more programs are cut and then added on an extra charge. Are we rather dumb to go along with this and continue to pay?
Then go to our  Wichita newspaper. On normal days I would guess that at least 30 percent to 40 percent is also paid advertising that we are charged more for every little bit to read and pay for. On Sundays, we go to page three and here we have two pages of advertising for the over-priced so called luxury automobiles. In the following pages, you will find many pages with 50 percent to 60 percent paid advertising. Maybe our kids are the smartest ones!
— Ted Roth, Newton