One cannot imagine the volume of mail that serves as fodder for my wood-burner. If I had the cost of postage for all that comes to my home, it would be a substantial addition to my retirement income. It might seem ironic that most of this mail is some charity asking for my donation to their cause. Over the many years, I have sent my check to various organizations from animal cruelty to the causes of the Jewish state. Included in these paltry amounts I have sent, is the American Cancer Society — in fact, I have one of their requests in my “to do” file,  and must say that when this letter is finished, I will be finding it to add with the soon to be ash.
For more than six months now, I have been battling Cancer — of all, a thing that I was sure I would be spared. It has always been something that I was certain someone else would be facing, and I would be out of danger from the “Emperor of all Maladies,” citing the title of a book I am currently pouring over. I am extremely blessed that the Veterans Administration is covering my treatment; but, it was felt that possibly I could ask for assistance in the daily travel that I am making to Wichita, as it has become a major outlay, taking a large portion of my Social Security just for gas-say 75 percent of a month's benefit and more over the time of my treatments thus far.
Guess What?
Initial inquiries were largely denied, so I went straight to the horses mouth today — their very glorified office space on the Via Christi St Francis Campus in Wichita. One can see what they do with all the donations — the cost of a square inch of that facility would be a real boon to my existence.
“Why aren't you getting treatment at home,” was the first thing from the mouth of the person working in the opulent office. I'm not sure why, but my answers were several — no health insurance to the weak reason that I refused to have all my lower teeth pulled before treatments. I now have three more forms, and a phone number for other organizations that might be of assistance ... more fodder!
 — Dick Hogan, Newton