New question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• If you have not been to the Fox Theatre and enjoyed the Bucky Fowler Band, you have missed out on some great entertainment. They are a very talented family and put on a wonderful show, and it’s a new show each month. Come on, Newton, let’s support the Fox Theatre.

• Obama is sending $2 billion to Pakistan. Why can’t he give $2 billion to Social Security so we could get a raise, which we haven’t seen in a couple of years?

• I like the way more and more cars are turning their lights on during the day. It makes driving more safe.

• I don’t know who did it, the railroad or the city of Newton, but thank you for fixing the tracks on Walnut by the mill.

• Do you think we could have a Taste of Newton in the spring? What a good turnout it was. I think it would be nice. People can mingle and see people they haven’t seen. I think it would be nice if we could have one in the spring.

• How can a highly educated professional person be so ignorant, stupid? I am referring to the judge who said (the flasher) needs rehab. He belongs behind bars getting a stripped suntan for a long time. He is a threat and will continue to be a threat to the community and to all children.