Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• What I want to know is if it’s true that George Washington was an ex-English soldier and immigrant who fathered our country?

• I hope everyone in Newton has enjoyed the beautiful petunias in the planter boxes south of the tracks on Main Street this summer and fall as much as I have. They have been gorgeous!

•  When millionaires and billionaires and mega-corporations control the political system, the middle class and the poor have no voice and American democracy will be dead.

•  I read this in Reader’s Digest: During WW II, my father was an adjudication officer for the Veterans’ Administration.  He went to Washington and spoke on behalf of the veterans for better GI benefits. Today, the whole system is bogged down because they don’t have electronic files, so it takes many months to have a claim approved or denied. After these heroes have gone to war and been wounded (or not), what kind of thanks do we give them? The VA should improve how it records files electronically. Upon a soldier’s discharge, a full medical exam should be transmitted electronically to the VA, which would drastically cut the number of lost and incomplete files. Some of our veterans are ignored, denied claims because of faulty paperwork by field doctors, and sometimes they wait for compensation without any income.  We should be ashamed.

• The thing that makes me mad is about the school changes is that Santa Fe doesn’t have a yearbook for our kids. Out of all their school years, they are not going to have a yearbook and Chisholm does. That makes me furious.

• 328 E. Eighth St. is the best Halloween house in Newton.