Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• Changing the middle schools around was a mistake. Children should be able to attend schools in their own neighborhoods. Transportation is a nightmare. Kids have to catch the shuttle bus and get back to their own neighborhoods and, if they are involved in an afternoon activity, they miss the shuttle bus. Can’t we reverse this?

• The new police office/fire station will certainly look nice on the south side of town. It is costing $2.3 million of stimulus money. Did you know Jerry Moran and Brownback voted against the stimulus bill.

• I was one of about 100 people who attended the candidates’ forum Monday night in Newton. The moderator, Craig Simons, said secretary of state candidate Kris Kobach had promised to attend. Not only did he not show up, but he apparently did not tell organizers he wouldn’t be there. Did he stiff the people he wants to vote for him? Did he foul up his schedule so he spaced off the event? Is this the man we want to run this important state office? By contrast, the incumbent Secretary of State Chris Biggs was there. He answered all questions from the audience and even stuck around past 9 p.m. to address anything else someone might have had. This is relevant as we make our voting decisions.