Just in time for Halloween, TopTenRealEstateDeals.com announced the launch of its latest Top 10 list: The Top Ten Dead Celebrity Homes for sale.

Just in time for Halloween, TopTenRealEstateDeals.com announced the launch of its latest Top 10 list: The Top Ten Dead Celebrity Homes for sale.

“Could it be that Betty Grable or Dean Martin’s spirits live on in their old homes?” said Jason Wakefield, marketing direction of TopTenRealEstateDeals.com “Maybe Groucho Marx is still telling jokes or Dinah Shore and Frank Sinatra are still singing songs where they once lived. Perhaps John Wayne and George C. Scott are rehearsing movie lines. Are they haunted? You tell us!”

While their former homes might not be haunted, they are for sale.

The top 10 homes include:

10. John Wayne home in Newport Beach, Calif.

Beds: 4 | baths: 4.5 | square footage: 4,448 | price: $2,163,000

Perhaps the epitome of Hollywood manly men stars, John Wayne was born Marion Morrison in 1907 in Winterset, Iowa.

9. Frank Sinatra home in Los Angeles.

Beds: 7 | baths: 7 | square footage: 8,631 | price: $22,500,000

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say Frank Sinatra was the biggest celebrity in the world for much of the 1940s to the 1970s. He was one of the most popular singers in the world, a top Las Vegas entertainer, an Academy Award winner and a friend to movie stars, politicians, sports stars and even a few religious leaders. He orchestrated both President Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961 and Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

Sinatra won an Oscar for 1953’s “From Here to Eternity.”

8. Dinah Shore home in Palm Springs, Calif.

Beds: 6 | baths: 7.5 | square footage: 7,000 | price: $5,995,000

“See the USA in your Chevrolet, America is asking you to call. Drive your Chevrolet through the USA, America’s the greatest land of all” was Dinah Shore’s classic commercial song from 1956 to 1963 on the Dinah Shore Chevy Show that persuaded thousands of Americans to buy the General Motors car.

Dinah was married and divorced twice and had a long, well-publicized affair with a much-younger Burt Reynolds in the 1970s.

7. Gene Autry home in Studio City, Calif.

Beds: 5 | baths: 6 | square footage: 7,953 | price: $6,900,000

Gene Autry (Orvon Eugene Autry) was the original singing cowboy and one of the first major movie star to embrace television in the early 1950s when he produced and starred in The Gene Autry Show on CBS. He was as successful in business as he was in the entertainment world.

6. Jim Morrison home in West Hollywood, Calif.

Beds: 3 | baths: 2 | square footage: 2,300 | price: $1,199,000

Jim Morrison was born in 1947 in Melbourne, Fla. After graduating from UCLA in 1965, Morrison and another UCLA student, Ray Manzarek, formed The Doors, a name they took from Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception.”

5. Dean Martin Home in Los Angeles.

Beds: 6 | baths: 9 | square footage: 11,817 | price: $11,800,000

Dean Martin (Dino Paul Crocetti) was born in 1917 to Italian immigrant parents and he spoke only Italian until he started school. His family lived in Steubenville, Ohio, where his friend and neighbor was “Jimmy the Greek”

4. Ozzie and Harriet Nelson home in Los Angeles.

Beds: 5 | baths: 5 | square footage: 5,283 | price: $4,995,000

“The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” was one of many 1950s-era TV shows that depicted a typical American family as white, happy, somewhat affluent, two parents and two children with a father who was a bit dense but still pretty smart.

3. Groucho Marx Beverly Hills home.

Beds: 8 | baths: 6.5 | square footage: 6,022 | price: $6,495,000

Groucho (Julius Henry Marx), who was born in 1890 in a room above a butcher’s shop in New York City, came from a show biz family.

2. Former Betty Grable home in Los Angeles.

Beds: 6 | baths: 7 | square footage: 8,581 | price: $8,750,000

Before Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett and Pamela Anderson, there was Betty Grable, perhaps the most famous pin-up girl in Hollywood history.

1. George C. Scott Connecticut estate in Greenwich, Conn.

Beds: 5 | baths: 7.5 | square footage: 14,131 | price: $36,500,000

George C. Scott was one of America’s greatest and most productive actors winning Oscar, Golden Globe, New York Films Critic and Emmy awards in classic roles such as General George S. Patton, Willy Loman and Dr. Strangelove during his 40-year career, according to a news release.