There are a plethora of TV broadcasts on “crisis in the public schools.” Most emphasize the importance of quality teachers in the classroom in assisting pupils to achieve as the sole ingredient, basically.
It is of utmost importance to have high-quality teachers in the classroom; there would be no disagreement here. There are problems inherent in that other factors also enter into the equation.
When supervising university student teachers in the public schools and following each observation made, I also evaluate the results with the regular teacher who supervises the novice in everyday instruction.
Three of these stated they had almost resigned from teaching after receiving extremely disruptive pupils after the new school year had begun.
These were good teachers with the usual kinds of pupils in the classroom, but extreme disrupters made for feelings of hopelessness. Thus, there are teachers who are successful in teaching certain pupils, but not so in teaching others. Then too, where will the good teachers come from when all pupils are to receive the best in teaching?
It is expensive to attend a university for four to five years to receive a teaching certificate and later on teachers work in receiving a master’s degree.
Expenses for schooling keep going up in working toward a university degree, and many are strapped later with a load of debts. In addition to good teachers, the following also are important in assisting pupils to do well:
• The home and its efforts/abilities in providing for basic needs of children
• The-surrounding community — in supporting pupils with quality learnings such as a library, Boy/Girl Scouts, 4H, and a clean, supporting neighborhood, among others which provide learning opportunities
• Adequate classroom supplies, equipment and materials for teaching
• A support system of parents and civic organizations in the community who favor the best in education.
— Dr. Marlow Ediger,
North Newton