We should be extremely grateful for Gov. Parkinson’s leadership!  
He has supported what was best for Kansas and not what was best for special interest groups.
The misinformation and outright lies candidates are placing in ads should be illegal.   
Steve Six, as attorney general, has far surpassed the record of the two previous AGs in all areas.  
Chris Biggs, as secretary of state, is proving to be an excellent addition with the leadership skills and managerial background he has to offer.  
Dennis McKinney has been serving as treasurer since 2008 and has cut his office budget, increased efforts to return money to Kansans through the unclaimed property program and worked to better utilize a housing construction loan program.
These candidates have a proven record and deserve our vote.   
Gov. Parkinson has endorsed Raj Goyle for the 4th Congressional District stating, “He is exactly what we need in Washington.”  
He has praised his ability to work across the aisle and knows how to get things done.  
This is critically needed if we are going to do what’s best for Americans and not political parties.
Sam Brownback supports cutting taxes, even if it affects education programs, senior services and assistance for the poor.   
He voted against the increase to minimum wage, veteran’s benefits, health-care reform (if Americans understood, they would strongly support it), unemployment benefits, and banking and corporate regulations.  
Does Brownback’s Roadmap have another run for the presidency as its final destination?  
While Sen. Brownback has been spending his time and interest in Washington, Tom Holland has been serving Kansans as a legislator and involved as a businessman employing workers here in Kansas.  
He is not financially supported by the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, resulting in Holland’s campaign across Kansas being more limited.  
The funding of the campaigns is a serious threat to our democracy when unknown sources can provide unlimited funds to “buy” positions within our governing body.  
Consideration should be given to the credibility and quality of the candidate rather than to party loyalty.
— Frances Smith,