Q. In what ways has your personal experience in work, education or other areas, prepared you to be a legislator?

Q. In what ways has your personal experience in work, education or other areas, prepared you to be a legislator?
A. I was a revenue auditor for the state of Kansas and I have knowledge of the workings of the state of Kansas. I have a bachelor’s degree in business from Friends University.
Q. What is the most important issue in the 74th district and what is your plan to address it?
A. Jobs. Incentives available to businesses are going down, and we’d like them to go up.
Q. In what areas of the state budget should cuts be made? Are there any areas where spending should be increased?
A. Cuts can be made by improving the management skills in state departments. No spending should be increased in the near future, because we don’t have the money.
Q. What could you do to keep taxes low for your constituents? Under what cirumstances would you vote for increases?
A. I don’t think they should be increased. I think we can hold them where they are if we increase the efficiency of the employees in the state.
Q. What can be done on the state level to encourage job creation?
A. The state and the local governments can offer incentives to encourage expansion or new businesses. I know with money as tight as it is, it’s difficult. For instance, industrial revenue bonds for expansion are a good investment, and it won’t cost the taxpayers anything.
Q. To what degree should the state subsidize industries or offer tax breaks to keep jobs in the state?
A. (About Louisiana’s offer to Hawker Beechcraft and whether Kansas should offer additional incentives): I think they should. And there should be a federal law stating that they can’t do that. If there’s not, we have to match the competition.
Q. What ideas do you have for education reform? Do you support federal mandates like No Child Left Behind? If not, what would be a better approach?
A. I’m not an authority, but I support education. I think a state-by-state approach is better. In Kansas, we can regulate ourselves better than the federal government.
Q. What can be done to make higher education more affordable at state institutions?
A. I think we need to expand our community colleges. More students could live at home and for some reason the tuition is considerably cheaper.
Q. Should Kansas adopt stricter immigration laws or impose harsher financial penalties against businesses that employ undocumented workers? Are there other solutions you would propose if elected?
A. I think we should have stricter law enforcement.