All games 7 p.m.

Class 4A, District 16

Hesston (6-2) at Chapman (0-8)

Last week, Hesston fell to Abilene 26-7 and Smoky Valley downed Chapman 33-12. If Hesston wins and Abilene downs Smoky Valley, Hesston will get the district runner-up spot. If Hesston wins by 13 points or more and Abilene loses by fewer than 13 points, Abilene wins the district and Hesston gets the runner-up spot. If Hesston wins by 13 or more and Smoky Valley wins by 13 or more, there will be a three-way coin flip to determine both the champion and runner-up. If Hesston loses by 13 more and Smoky Valley loses by 13 or more, there will be a three-way coin flip to determine the runner-up spot. Any other combination will be determined by the 13-point rule. The district winner hosts the loser of the Clay Center-Concordia game Tuesday while the runner-up travels to the Clay Center-Concordia winner.

For Hesston, Lucas Petrocci has 848 yards rushing, followed by Kyle Perry with 458. Trevor Pauls has 986 yards passing with seven touchdowns. Perry has 342 yards receiving, followed by Eyan Roth with 289 yards.

Class 3A, District 10

Garden Plain (7-1) at Halstead (5-3)

Trinity (7-1) at Sedgwick (6-2)

(Heart of America League)

Last week, Hutchinson Trinity downed Halstead 34-21 while Garden Plain edged Sedgwick 44-35. Garden Plain has clinched the district title and Halstead is eliminated. The Hutchinson Trinity-Sedgwick winner earned the district runner-up spot and wins the Heart of America League title. Garden Plain will host either Hillsboro or Marion Tuesday. The Trinity-Sedgwick winner travels to Remington Tuesday.

For Trinity, Derek Racette has 2,119 yards passing with 31 touchdowns and 369 yards rushing with four touchdowns. Austin Rea has 228 yards rushing with three touchdowns. Brandon Koeningsman has 209 yards rushing with two touchdowns. Michael Mesh has 852 yards receiving with nine touchdowns, followed by Will Bothwell with 549 yards receiving with 11 touchdowns, Rea with 350 yards receiving and five touchdowns and Koeningsman with 321 yards receiving and six touchdowns.

For Garden Plain, Aaron Tomlinson has 774 yards passing with nine touchdowns. Joey Capul has 620 yards rushing with 11 touchdowns, followed by Kendrae Arnold with 536 yards rushing and eight touchdowns and Reed Hartshorn with 350 yards and five touchdowns. Chris Sponsel has 213 yards receiving with two touchdowns, followed by Arnold with 154 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

Class 3A, District 9

SE Saline (3-5) at Remington (6-2)

Marion (5-3) at Hillsboro (4-4)

Last week, Remington downed Hillsboro 32-15 and Marion downed Southeast of Saline 28-13. Since Remington has wins over both Marion and Hillsboro, Remington has clinched the district title and the Marion-Hillsboro winner will be the district runner-up. Remington will host the Hutchinson Trinity-Sedgwick winner. The Marion-Hillsboro winner travels to Garden Plain

Eight-Man I, District 8

Wheat State League

Goessel (3-5) at Peabody-Burns (5-3)

Last week, Peabody-Burns downed Little River 36-6 while Goessel downed Canton-Galva 58-32. The Warriors are on a three-game winning streak while the Bluebirds have won two straight. If Lincoln beats Little River, Lincoln wins the district title and Peabody-Burns is the district runner-up. If Peabody-Burns wins by 21 or more and Little River wins by 21 or more, Peabody-Burns is the district champion and Little River is the runner-up. Lincoln can lose by up to two points and still retain the district title. Little River must win by 14 points or more for playoff hopes. If Little River wins and Peabody-Burns loses, the Warriors are eliminated and Little River is the district champion.

For Peabody-Burns, Storm Pickens has 1,025 yards rushing with 19 touchdowns. Hunter Pickens has 702 yards passing with nine touchdowns. For Goessel, Neal Brubaker has 1,900 yards passing and 28 touchdowns. Jonathan Berkholz has 967 yards rushing and 14 touchdowns. Berkholz has 633 yards receiving and 14 touchdowns, followed by Nicholas Buller with 510 yards receiving and eight touchdowns and Jacob Smucker with 476 yards receiving and four touchdowns.

Eight-Man I, District 4

Heart of the Plains League

Burrton (1-7) at South Barber (6-2)

Last week, Burrton fell to Argonia 58-12 while South Barber beat Norwich 52-6. This game is a near must-win for South Barber, which is in a three-way tie for first in the district race with South Haven and Caldwell. Caldwell plays Norwich while South Haven plays Attica. South Barber is three points behind South Haven in the tie-breaker and nine points behind Caldwell. South Barber also can claim a share of the Heart of the Plains League title with a win, coupled with a Pretty Prairie loss to Fairfield.

For Burrton, Jaxson Pohlman has 349 yards passing with four touchdowns. Austin Baldridge has 481 yards rushing with four touchdowns, followed by Pohlman with 205 yards and four touchdowns and Daniel Nevarez with 163 yards and two touchdowns. Taylor King has 150 yards receiving with a touchdown, followed by Baldridge with 144 yards and three touchdowns and Nevarez with 136 yards and a touchdown.

Eight-Man II, District 3

Hartford (2-5) at Centre (7-0)

Last week, Centre downed Altoona-Midway 64-6 and Hartford fell to Waverly 38-36. Centre clinched a playoff spot with last week’s win. If Centre wins, Waverly will take the district runner-up spot. If Hartford wins and Waverly falls to Flinthills, Hartford will be the district champion and Centre will be the district runner-up. If Hartford and Waverly both win, Centre will be the district champion and Hartford will be the runner-up. If Centre wins or Waverly wins, Centre will host either South Barber, South Haven or Caldwell. If Hartford wins and Waverly loses, Centre will travel to one of those three schools.

Non district

Heart of America League

Moundridge (3-5) at Ell-Saline (3-5)

Moundridge closed out district play at 3-1 by stopping Bennington 67-18, also a HOAL game. Ell-Saline downed HOAL rival Inman 42-27. Moundridge will play Tuesday at either LaCrosse or Plainville. Ell-Saline can get into the playoffs with an Inman win over Ellinwood and a Plainville loss to LaCrosse by five or more points.

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