Are you getting tired of political ads and wondering who to vote for?

Are you getting tired of political ads and wondering who to vote for?
I’ve found out the best way to know is to go to their debates and rallies.
At least here in Kansas, the Republicans running for office are all true conservatives.
They want to create jobs with the likely governor, Sam Brownback. I’d say let Kansas and the United States prosper.
 Obama already has created three times the horrible debt Bush left us, doubling the debt in eight years.
He still blames Bush. Doesn’t he realize the honeymoon is over?
He’ll probably still be blaming Bush all the way until the election two years from now.
He claims to want to solve unemployment — just throwing more money at it.
Some of his problem: I’ve heard his administration only has 7 percent in the private sector — the rest have government jobs or are in academia.
Some still think he’s helping our country out, but the evidence is missing. Can anyone show me specifically how he’s helping?
 I think it’s a real shame the gulf oil well wasn’t capped off with a pipe to make use of all that free oil — 700 tanker trucks per day.
Another benefit would have been that it would have been easier to seal without the pressure.
Then, not so many animals, fish and birds would have been killed, destroying lives.
The EPA shot themselves in the foot, claiming to be so concerned about land life but killed so much sea life.
If they wouldn’t have forced oil companies to drill offshore, they could have drilled in 1 percent of Anwar.
Wildlife increases around the present pipeline — they like the heat.
Don’t be fooled by Obama giving those on Social Security — probably part D of Medicaid — a $250 stimulus for votes.
AARP also claims they’re for retired folks, but they supported his health-care takeover and also want votes. (The reason so many belong to it is for insurance and benefits, not seeing that their money goes to liberal causes).
I don't know how this administration can’t use common sense.
When you are digging a hole deeper, stop digging!
Some of you can’t figure this out because you ... haven’t learned to think for yourselves.
— Laverle Busenitz,