Amy Schumacher is my candidate of choice to be the next representative from District 72 to the Kansas House of Representatives.  
I am especially pleased Amy has pledged to fight for fair funding for the schools of Kansas.  
I am a retired teacher and have had grandchildren who received a great education in the Newton schools and now have great grandchildren who are recipients of the same quality instruction.  
I am greatly concerned Newton and many other schools in the state will not be able to maintain their current high standards if the proposed formula for school financing is passed during the next legislative session.
Briefly, the majority party’s education plan states all “weights” will be removed and every child will get the same amount of funding regardless of any mitigating circumstances.  
This would be devastating to the Newton school system because of the large number of “at-risk” children in the school population.  
Funding for bilingual and special education children also would be removed.  
In order to make up for the loss of these funds, this proposed plan would take the cap off the Local Option Budget, under the guise of local control, and schools then would have to rely on increased property taxes to maintain some semblance of a quality of education.  
Higher property taxes, increased school fees  and those predicted cuts in services would combine to raise the cost of education that then would greatly impact those younger families with school-age children as they would be faced with double charges.
Amy Schumacher is a newcomer to the local political scene, but she brings with her an incredible wealth of experience as a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, with service time in the Middle East and most recently as airport and special projects manager for the city of Hutchinson.  
Amy lives in Newton and attends Bethel College, working toward a degree in psychology with a certificate in neuroscience.  
Amy has received endorsements from numerous statewide organizations, ranging from educational associations to machinists and aerospace and communication workers.  
She is a member of the American Legion and  the Veterans’ Committee for Harvey County.
A vote for Amy Schumacher is a vote for strong schools for Newton and the rest of Kansas.

— Elizabeth H. Goering,
North Newton