Republican Jim Anderson fully expects to win the race for the Kansas 4th Congressional District.

Republican Jim Anderson fully expects to win the race for the Kansas 4th Congressional District.
He plans to win despite lagging behind Republican favorites like Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman, who have significant cash reserves and are pumping money into television ads.
No one on Anderson’s staff is paid. He is going door-to-door in a grassroots effort for what he describes as a campaign against politicians and deep pockets.
Anderson, 49, is a retired airline pilot and owns a small business in Wichita.
He believes the nation’s economy can be fixed by getting rid of the IRS and implementing the Fair Tax.
The Fair Tax is a consumer tax that only would be paid on purchases of new consumable goods.
“It is a simple way to pay for limited government,” Anderson said Thursday during a campaign stop in Newton.
Anderson did not support the government bailout plans and does not support a new proposal to extend unemployment benefits because it would increase the deficit.
Anderson said some people who are on unemployment are going to have to settle for jobs they don’t necessarily want.
“I am a conservative, compassionate person,” he said, “but people need to get out there and get a job. ...
“There are jobs out there. They don’t need to burden the system. Unemployment was put there as a bridge not as a job.”
Anderson said the attempts by Congress to pass financial reform have been window dressing.
“They are trying to overhaul the system, but it will be more oversight, more bureaucracy and more red tape.
“When it comes to my 401K and your 401K, I think there needs to be some oversight, but there needs to be limits.”
During his campaign, Anderson said he also has heard a desire for immigration reform.
He said he supports the new immigration law in Arizona.
“I think Arizona did the right thing,” he said. “(Gov.) Jan Brewer did the right thing. She really stepped up to the plate.”
Anderson said Arizona was forced to enforce the border when the federal government failed to do so.
“If we don’t enforce our laws, people from other countries are going to know we don’t enforce our laws, and they are going to keep coming.”
He opposes any type amnesty for illegal immigrants. He said illegal immigrants should be deported and required to apply for citizenship.
“I don’t have a problem with immigrants,” he said. “My great grandparents immigrated here from Sweden and Ireland, but they did it legally. You should do it legally and follow the laws and not jump the fence.”
Anderson said the 2010 election will be the most important election in the history of this country since its founding. He expects Republicans to retake control of Congress.
“Everyone needs to have access. People need to be involved,” Anderson said. “I work for you. I am supposed to be your servant. The individual has the most power in this country, but that has not been what is taking place.”