It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?


• I was just reading No. 3 on the list of “Five things we want to see happen this week” in the Kansan, which is to remind children of bike safety rules. Adults also need to practice those rules. The other evening I was driving east on the divided section of West 12th when, to my surprise, I was faced head-on by two adult bicyclists heading west in the eastbound lane. To those who don’t know, if you are walking in the street, you walk facing traffic; if you are riding a bicycle, you are supposed to ride with the traffic.

• I would spend money on sidewalks on the north side of town where you see a lot of wheelchairs and people who need help going up and down the street on both sides.

• A million dollar blank check could help the senior center and the city could replace the park they are taking away. Help some of the people who need help with their homes. They could have grants for that. There is a lot Newton could do with that.

• Yes, we'll have to have more taxes because Congress never makes enough cuts in federal spending. Everybody thinks they are entitled to this and entitled to that. And the taxpayers pay and pay until the taxpayers run out of money. And then I don’t know what will happen. The seniors won’t get rid of their Medicare and Medicaid. The disabled are not going to give up anything. So, yes, taxing is the only solution.

• We don’t need a new library. We don’t need a new fairgrounds. The No. 1 thing is an overpass to get around the train.