St. James Academy won the Class 4A State Golf Championships by the narrowest of margins Monday at the Hesston Golf Park.

St. James Academy won the Class 4A State Golf Championships by the narrowest of margins Monday at the Hesston Golf Park.
St. James and Topeka Hayden each had a team score of 330. The fifth-score tie-breaker was then employed. St. James edged Hayden 88-90 for the title.
Wellington was third at 242.
It was the first title for St. James, which opened in the fall of 2005.
Myles Miller of Wellington repeated as the individual state champion, shooting a two-over par 73. Miller edged Colby Yates of Tonganoxie by two strokes. Ryley Haas of Colby was third at 76.
There were eight rounds shot that broke 80.
Host Hesston High School had two golfers competing. Cole Jost tied for 14th at 83. Trevor Pauls tied for 37th at 88, but missed a medal by just four strokes.
Class 4A State
Golf Championships
Hesston Golf Park
Par 71
Team scores — St. James Academy 330-88, Topeka Hayden 330-90, Wellington 342, Tonganoxie 344, Jefferson West 345, Colby 349, Ottawa 351, Augusta 354, Independence 360, Ulysses 361, Anderson County 365, Valley Center 372.

1. Miller, Miles, Wel., 36—37—73
2. Yates, Colby, Tng., 40—35—75
3. Haas, Ryley, Col., 36—40—76
4. Miller, Parker, SJA, 38—40—78-x
5. Schwarz, Cole, Silver Lake, 37—41—78
6. Walker, Kurt, TH, 39—40—79-x
7. Hayden, Trey, Aug., 40—39—79-y
8. Hale, Mitchell, Chanute, 38—41—79
9. Boyle, Kevin, TH, 43—37—80
10. Wiltse, Cameron, Chanute, 40—42—82-x
T11. George, Zach, Ott., 43—39—82
T11. Hecker, Jordan, Russell, 42—40—82
T11. Ezell, Jack, SJA, 40—42—82
T14. McDonald, Brendon, Wel., 41—42—83
T14. Scheer, Gage, Cheney, 42—41—83
T14. Jost, Cole, Hesston, 42—41—83
T14. Lara, Dominic, Circle, 41—42—83
T18. Williams, Gill, SJA, 42—42—84
T18. Valdiva, Justice, TH, 43—41—84
T18. Rickabaugh, Jack, AC, 41—43—84
T18. Carman, Connor, Aug., 41—43—84
T18. O’Hair, Tucker, Andale, 40—44—84
T18. Crall, Alex, DeSoto, 41—43—84
T18. Williams, Aaron, Basehor-Linwood, 44—40—84
T18. Deal, Lex, Concordia, 42—42—84
Remainder of field
T26. Baker, Alex, JW, 43—42—85
T26. Moore, Clinton, Ott., 41—44—85
T26. George, Tanner, Nickerson, 46—39—85
T29. Pritchard, Jake, VC, 42—44—86
T29. Maskus, Ben, SJA, 42—44—86
T29. Dehoff, Mitch, Tng., 45—41—86
T29. Fechter, Adam, JW, 41—45—86
T29. Steele, Cass, JW, 42—44—86
T29. Dunlap, Zach, Hugoton, 42—44—86
T29. Murrell, Conner, Coffeyville, 44—42—86
36. Mohan, Michael, TH, 46—41—87
T37. Triggs, Cody, SJA, 46—42—88
T37. Farrant, Riley, JW, 48—40—88
T37. Delcorral, Anthony, Uly., 43—45—88
T37. Gustafson, Alex, Uly., 45—43—88
T37. Botts, Peyton, Ind., 43—45—88
T37. Pauls, Trevor, Hesston, 45—43—88
T37. Madsen, Cody, Spring Hill, 44—44—88
T44. Croucher, Cody, Ott., 42—47—89
T44. Webster, Garrett, Ind., 49—40—89
T44. Hopper, Wade, Cheney, 43—46—89
T44. Wedel, Mason, DeSoto, 47—42—89
T44. Fate, Zach, Holton, 46—43—89
T49. Jacobs, Justin, Tng., 43—47—90
T49. Regier, Colby, TH, 46—44—90
T49. Buxman, Brady, Uly., 43—47—90
T49. Schiferl, Paul, Col., 46—44—90
T49. Sexton, Casey, Abilene, 42—48—90
T49. Vacca, Luke, Coffeyville, 45—45—90
T55. Wiederholt, Brandon, AC, 44—47—91
T55. Stithem, Dylan, Col., 45—46—91
T55. Schlange, Eric, Ind., 47—44—91
T55. Williams, Brett, DeSoto, 40—51—91
T55. Weber, Jake, Santa Fe Trail, 45—46—91
T60. Wilson, Ben, Wel., 48—44—92
T60. Russell, Rocque, Col., 47—45—92
T60. Goad, Tanner, Ind., 45—47—92
T60. Brandt, Kellen, Holton, 44—48—92
T60. Nash, Brandon, Clay Center, 46—46—92
T60. Morland, Jesse, Louisburg, 45—47—92
T66. Hale, Tanner, Tng., 46—47—93
T66. Leiker, Levi, Ind., 44—49—93
T66. Sage, David, Aug., 47—46—93
T69. Gaston, David, Wel., 49—45—94
T69. Arneson, Luke, VC, 47—47—94
T69. Fortney, Tyler, SJA, 47—47—94
T69. Prothe, Mike, Paola, 50—44—94
T73. Layton, Nick, Wel., 47—48—95
T73. Fritz, Bryce, AC, 48—47—95
T73. Sinclair, Sailor, AC, 43—52—95
T73. Blaue, Austin, Ott., 48—47—95
T73. Mendoza, Jacob, Uly., 44—51—95
T73. Rinehart, Charlie, Kansas City Piper, 48—47—95
T79. Diehl, Kevin, VC, 45—51—96
T79. Beneke, Chris, VC, 49—47—96
T79. Porter, Jonathon, VC, 51—45—96
T79. Pickett, Zach, Spring Hill, 48—48—96
T79. Stevenson, Garrett, Paola, 43—53—96
T84. Campbell, Kody, Tng., 45—52—97
T84. Debus, Ryan, JW, 52—45—97
T84. Cooper, Carston, AC, 48—49—97
T84. Quey, Tate, Col., 51—46—97
T84. King, Kyler, Ind., 44—53—97
T89. DeMaranville, Sam, JW, 48—50—98
T89. Richardson, Cole, Aug., 50—48—98
T89. Yeubanks, Brett, Coffeyville, 45—53—98
92. Winter, Alan, Aug., 49—50—99
T93. Crowley, Brendan, TH, 46—54—100
T93. Kriss, Konnor, Col., 45—55—100
T93. Borden, Kris, Aug., 51—49—100
96. Ryman, Galen, AC, 46—56—102
97. Harpool, Tanner, VC, 53—50—103
98. Pfingsten, Jonah, Uly., 53—51—104
99. Martin, Zach, Paola, 52—53—105
100. Soph, Hayden, Ott., 57—50—107
101. Malone, Chris, Uly., 52—61—113
T102. Rumford, Brandon, Ott., 55—61—116
T102. Waggoner, Bryce, Osawatomie, 62—54—116
DQ. Hodson, Drew, Wel., 41—DQ—DQ
WD. LaBoyteaux, Eric, Tng., WD—54—WD