Creativity, quality of menu considered

in dining award

The Kansas Dietetics Association named Newton Presbyterian Manor the winner of its 2010 Five Star Gracious Dining Award.
The association is comprised of consultant dieticians in Kansas retirement communities.
They name one five-star award recipient annually.
Director of Dining Services Veta Simpson and Director of Nursing Denise Abdallah accepted the award at the KDA’s annual meeting in Manhattan in April.
Much of the award application related to Presbyterian Manor’s participation in culture change with the opening of three new dining rooms in McFarland Center, the manor’s household-based health-care center.
The application also included the creative process for providing dining services through the full renovation of the three households.
The dining staff received a deficiency-free Kansas state survey last June, a reward for their efforts in nutritional and sanitation training. The award also acknowledged creativity and culturally diverse menus.
The block party on May 11 is one example of the creativity of the dining staff in providing meals according to residents’ requests, a news release stated.
At an April learning circle meeting, several residents said they would love to roast their own hot dog sometime, which generated the idea of the manor’s First Annual Neighborhood Block Party, held in the Haury Place courtyard.
Those who live or work on the manor campus were invited to a barbecue in celebration of Older Americans Month and to honor resident meal preferences.
Not only did guests roast their own hot dogs, but s’mores were the hit of the evening.
Presbyterian Manor serves about 135 residents at least one daily meal in six campus dining rooms.
At the block party, residents from all areas of the campus joined together for the evening meal.


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