WICHITA — The Newton High School boys’ swimming team finished fifth Saturday at the Wichita Heights Invitational.
“We took fifth, which I thought was a good showing given the number of teams that were there,” Newton coach Philip Schmidt said. “We would have placed a bit higher, but we don’t have any divers this year. That definitely puts us at a disadvantage when facing some teams. That will be a challenge for us when we compete at league and state.
“I was very pleased with the way that the guys did at this meet. I felt that the guys were pretty well focused, and we put up some good times. I was pleased to see the times of some of our newer swimmers dropping again at this meet. For me, that is real important to continue to see improvement during the course of the season. We have a week of practice and then another big meet at Wichita Northwest. It will be important to take what we have learned at this last meet and work hard in practice to get ready for it.”
The Northwest Invitational is at 9 a.m. Saturday.
Wichita Heights Invitational
Newton results
200-yd. medley relay — 2. Newton A (Scheuermann, Wilks, I.Clark, Spreier) 1:50.06, 29. Newton B (Jost, Wiens, A.Clark, Slife) 2:14.26.
200-yd. freestyle — 12. Owens 2:05.07, 20. Trumble 2:19.50, 25. Schmidt 2:22.30.
200-yd. individual medley — 3. I.Clark 2:09.89, 20. Scheuermann 2:32.77, 22. Jost 2:38.62.
50-yd. freestyle — 33. Slife 26.89, 41. Thiessen 28.25, 49. Trumble 29.60.
100-yd. butterfly — 2. Wilks 51.36, 14. Owens 56.69, 31. Schmidt 1:02.11.
500-yd. freestyle — 9. Jost 6:05.98, 19. Zielke 6:33.23, 38. Lanier 7:42.17.
200-yd. freestyle relay — 2. Newton A (I.Clark, Spreier, Owens, Wilks) 1:35.51, 23. Newton B (Slife, Thiessen, Trumble, Schmidt) 1:53.26, 30. Newton C (Beckmeyer, Wiens, Unruh, Hinz) 2:00.64.
100-yd. backstroke — 4. I.Clark 59.39, 14. Scheuermann 1:07.38.
100-yd. breaststroke — 1. Wilks 1:02.14, 20. Spreier 1:15.86, 27. A.Clark 1:22.97.
400-yd. freestyle relay — 14. Newton A (Scheuermann, Jost, Schmidt, Owens) 3:58.62, 24. Newton B (Trumble, Unruh, Thiessen, Slife) 4:25.22, 27. Newton C (A.Clark, Beckmeyer, Hinz, Zielke) 4:29.27.