Art created by USD 373 Newton students for the 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Bethel College was truly awesome!

In their depictions of “Dreams of Freedom” and “Making a Difference,” these students expressed both themselves and what they’ve learned about American history.

Even a first-grader showed she grasped the concept of segregation and its impact on African Americans when she drew herself and Dr. King enjoying hamburgers with the caption: “If Dr. King was here today, I would show him I am living his dream by shaking his hand and taking him to McDonlds. And I well ordr the food. I well get a hape-meal. He well have a big mac.”

Our deep appreciation to Dr. John Morton, USD 373 superintendent, who facilitated this community collaboration, and the art teachers and the 441 students who shared their work:

• Elizabeth Burns — Slate Creek Elementary — first, second and fourth grades.

• Shelly Hageman — South Breeze Elementary — first, fourth and fifth grades.

• Sarah Kaufman — Chisholm Middle School.

• LaDonna Unruh Voth — Northridge — fifth grade and Sunset first grade.

— Rachel Pannabecker, Sondra Bandy Koontz and Rosa Barrera,

Bethel College King Day 2010 planning committee