I have been impressed with the quick response America, Canada, Dominican Republic and others have made to the disaster in Haiti.

I also am impressed with the Obama administration’s efforts at improving security for our nation.

Many people involved in security have expressed admiration for his leadership and, because of his support and encouragement, will be able to do a better job than has been done in the past.

Stopping terrorists is more difficult than fighting a country, as terrorists can be anywhere in the world — even in the United States.

I feel those in D.C. who are responsible for security measures are doing and will continue to do their best to provide the protection needed to counter terrorist activity.

What we as citizens can do to help is to insist our congressmen, whether Democratic, Republican or Independent, work together to make this nation as strong as it once was.

These few Republicans who say “no” to whatever Obama tries to do, must realize the dangers of their divisive behaviors.

We voters can make a difference in November by voting for someone who will represent their constituents and throwing those who vote the way of lobbyists and corporations out of office.

Yes, I think Obama’s administration has made great improvements in security, but the job will never end.

God help us if a “do-nothing” president is elected anytime in the future.

— W.J. Christy,