Transplant recipient

encourages donations

I wish to thank Cristina Janney for her article in the Jan. 23 paper on Newton Medical Centerís work on organ donation.

Count me as one of the supporters of this policy, and of organ and tissue donation.

You see, I have a very personal reason for my interest. Three reasons, really.

My mother, sister and I are all recipients of corneal transplants. Without these surgeries, all of us would be blind today.

Because of corneal disease, Momís vision had become very poor when we three children were quite young. She was unable to see across the room.

She feared she would be raising her three children with no sight at all when she finally was able to receive transplants to restore her vision.

I underwent my surgeries as a teenager; my sisterís surgeries were in her 20s.

Not a day goes by when I donít feel thankful for my vision.

Driving to work in this morningís fog reminded me that before my surgeries, that was how I saw ó all day, every day. My world was seen through a giant fog.

I often think how very different my life would be today had it not been for two individuals who I will never know, and their families, who gave me the gift of sight.

This gift, no doubt, came as a result of losing their loved ones unexpectedly, yet they could see the good that would come by donating organs and tissues.

I encourage everyone to consider organ and tissue donation, and I would like to emphasize the single most important thing you can do is to make your wishes known to your family.

ó Nancy Ice Schlup,