Senior center needs

help from citizens

I have been reading and hearing the plight of the Newton Area Senior Centerís financial status.

What a shame our city leaders and community do not feel seniors are important enough to support like the surrounding communities do.

These are people who have supported you while you were growing up, and now they need your help.

As a baby boomer, I still work and am able to travel, but that could all change in the next few years, and I may need to rely on local sources for recreation, social interaction or assistance.

Others my age also need to think ahead and lend support so there will be someplace for them to go in the future.

Losing the center also may affect other programs, such as much-needed meals for seniors.

Do people realize the seniors made and donated more than 90 stuffed animals to children in hospitals last year, as well as contribute to other causes that will be lost?

Seniors are able to get free help through the center with Medicare information, wills and tax preparations, and that is critical for many on low fixed-incomes.

Come on, Newton, support senior services as these people have supported your causes.

Please give when they desperately need help.

ó Judy Krell,