We appreciate this opportunity to clarify treatment methods used by Arlan Kaufman with clients dealing with sexual dysfunction.

Many people in the general population struggle with sexual issues.

The treatments he used were neither new nor inventive, but were adapted to each individual situation — as any skillful therapist would do.

For those who choose to get beyond the prosecution’s highly emotionally charged label of “nude therapy” (no such thing), we invite you to learn more about the standard therapies for patients who struggle with symptoms such as public homosexual solicitation, masturbating on the bike path, nudity in public, exposing self, suicidal wrist cutting, self-mutilation.

Perhaps the most commonly used and effective therapy is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The goal is to identify the distorted thinking patterns that contribute to the persons’ problems, substitute more adaptive solutions and develop new behavior to improve functioning.

Behavioral modification treatments include Aversion Behavioral Rehearsal, Video Tape Feedback, Masturbation Reconditioning, Desensitization and Symptom Behavior Substitution — most of which were practiced by Dr. Kaufman in group and individual settings — with considerable success. Numerous letters from parents affirm this.

The prosecution (not trained as therapists) chose to call this “pornography therapy.”

The expert for the Kaufman defense, Dr. Steinhauser, whose specialty is evaluation and treatment of sexual behavior, who worked with the therapy techniques used by Arlan Kaufman, was not allowed to testify to the jury.

This may be more than you care to know about therapy, but we believe most of the thinking public may be interested in treatment facts about this case beyond the assumptions made in the Loeffler letter to the editor (Jan. 6, 2010).

— Donna Neufeld,

North Newton