Arguably the biggest news item of the year is expected to give a much-needed shot in the arm to the local economy. After a lot of planning and discussion, the Kansas Logistics Park in Newton is going to open for business.

The city of Newton entered into an agreement with Tindall Corp. of Spartanburg, S.C., which was announced at a Dec. 8 city commission meeting.

At the Logistics Park, Tindall will manufacture concrete and steel bases for wind turbine towers. The company plans to build a 150,000- to 200,000-square-foot facility on 144 acres east of the Newton Industrial Park.

Tindall is expected to employee 200 people in the first year of operations, and expand to 405 employees by the end of the third year.

The company’s payroll in the first year in Newton will be $11 million and expand to $21 million by the end of the third year.

Tindall is the first company to commit to building in the Kansas Logistics Park.

“This is by far the biggest deal we have ever done,” said CEO of Full Vision and Harvey County Economic Development Committee member, Roger Ahrens. “I feel like this is only the beginning.”

Tindall anticipates investing more than $65 million in constructing the facility. The first 100 acres of the 144 will be provided at no cost, with the remaining 44 acres sold at $8,000 per acre.

Tindall considered other options for their business expansion but gave Newton the green light to the delight of the city commission and Economic Development Committee.

“This is by far the biggest deal we have worked on,” City Attorney Bob Myers said.

Myers and Harvey County EDC director, Mickey Fornaro-Dean worked closely with Tindall CEO Bill Lowndes to make sure a golden opportunity for Harvey County didn’t slip away.

“This is huge,” Fornaro Dean said at the Dec. 8 city commission meeting. “This tells us all the hard work on the Logistics Park was worth it.”