Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• I work on a busy Main Street intersection, and a few things I notice is 1) pedestrians have the right-of way in the crosswalk when it says “walk,” but drivers seem to forget that and 2) the police seem to go very fast when their lights are flashing, and sometimes with no sirens on. At least the fire department yields and looks through the intersections. The police do not. I hate to say this, but I am afraid there is going to be a very bad accident in one of these intersections involving a police car and someone else who didn’t have time to react to them “speeding” down Main Street, especially if their sirens aren't on.

• I think it should be written both ways in voices about the girls’ basketball coach. I think it’s unfair, and it’s time to go.

• I’m glad that some of you think that NHS coach is there, but some of us don’t.