Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• All I hear is “the bike path is nice.” But nice for whom?” Homeowners who were unlucky enough to get it in our back yards sacrificed a bunch. Our yards were torn up, our trees cut down, fences moved and our privacy gone. Now we are putting up with people gawking at us, kids trespassing and dogs (going) in our yards.

• I would like to clear up some misconceptions about the Fox Theatre: 1. It is not run by a profit organization, it is run by a non-profit organization. 2. The acts that come to the Fox are top-quality. Some of the acts are some you would spend $35 to $40 and drive 25 miles to see. They are presently trying to raise money to put air conditioning in the Fox Theatre so it will be comfortable for people year-round and bring bigger and better acts. The Fox works with fine a group of promoters that can bring in acts from all over the United States.

• Next year, from July 1 to July 5, I’m going to require the city commissioners to visit my house, and they can’t leave until July 6. This way, they can see firsthand the fiasco they have created with fireworks. When are they going to learn people don’t follow rules?

• I think the commissioners did wrong on the water bill. They should have only went up $2 or $3, not hit everybody at once with $10. How can everybody take showers, wash clothes, wash dishes, etc? It’s impossible, let alone water their yards. I think they should drop it down to $2 or $3, where people can enjoy using their water instead of being scared to death to use their water.

• The other day I was on the way to work on East Fifth around the bend by Mirrors, and the city building had the water going and guess where it was going — out in the street. Three or four sprinklers were going right in the street! I am not paying for that water going down the drain, being how I don’t have any water going down mine.

• I don’t think Sand Creek should be remodeled too far north. That is a wildlife reserve for cranes, snakes, skunks and raccoons.

• Even if the new YMCA is built, the Newton Activity Center should not close. It is the only outlet for a lot of kids who don’t have suburban soccer moms who own SUVs and can haul them five miles outside of town to use recreational facilities.

• Studies show texting while driving is even more dangerous than driving drunk. Please do not text while driving. You are likely to kill someone.

• I would like to thank the city of Newton for sending me the new water bill with the rates hike, which is now higher than my Westar bill. Wow! Who would have thought that possible of all places, Newton Kansas, you pay more for your water bill than you do to run your air conditioner in the summer?

• Would a YMCA maintain all the ball fields and the Little League, Babe Ruth and the American Legion baseball as the Newton Recreation Commission currently does? What about the fact there is a gym south of town that is open 24 hours and which has more than 600 members? If the YMCA isn’t widely successful, as it’s proponents say, what will be the impact on the taxpayers? There already is a taxpayers’ group complaining about the YMCAs in Wichita. All these questions and more need to be answered before we plunge full speed ahead into this grand scheme.