A defense program developed in Newton soon will be a standard for protection for women at McConnell Air Force Base.

A defense program developed in Newton soon will be a standard for protection for women at McConnell Air Force Base.

Jenna Rangel, 15, a Newton High School sophomore, will present her Girl 2 Girl self-defense program to women and girls at the base in Wichita.

The commander of the base has urged all female staff and Air Force dependents to take the class, which will be Wednesday through Aug. 7, said Chris Rangel, Jenna’s father.

The Rangels developed the program, which was released on DVD last fall. Jenna and her father have been busy since the release of the DVD. Jenna did a benefit demonstration for the family of Jodi Sanderholm, who was killed by a stalker near Arkansas City.

This summer, Jenna and her father presented programs to DARE summer camp students. Jenna presented the girls with the Girl 2 Girl defense program, and her father presented the boys with an anti-bullying program.

Girl 2 Girl is a martial-arts-based defense program that focuses on ways women can prevent attacks or defend themselves once they are


Chris Rangel said in his research of available self-defense programs, none were realistic for lay people or appropriate for young women.

Although Jenna and her father are both black belts, the techniques in the Girl 2 Girl program are simple enough any woman or girl can use them in practical situations, Chris Rangel said.

Most of the participants in Jenna’s seminars have been women and girls between the ages of 7 and 30. She has taught classes as small as two and as large as 400.

She said she has been energized by the interaction with her students.

“I have had girls come up to me and say they were assaulted or abused, and if they knew these moves, they could have escaped,” Jenna said. “Making the DVD was great, but I would rather work one-on-one with girls.”

In addition to doing seminars, school and a trip to a softball world championship series this summer, Jenna also participated in a national youth entrepreneur competition in Dallas this summer.

She won third place in entreprenuership at the Business Professionals of America competition for a presentation she did on Girl 2 Girl.

Although her father handles most of the financial side for Girl 2 Girl, through the competition, Jenna said she gained a better understanding of the business aspects of the project.

She had to write her own business plan and explain how she would make the project profitable.

For the competition, she had to present her project in front of two judges.

“I think it was way more nerve racking with those two judges whispering back and forth than being in front of 400 people,” she said.

In addition to doing seminars and classes locally, the Rangels are beginning to get requests from colleges and sororities to do seminars.

“I am hoping this will help the women at the Air Force base,” Jenna said. “I think it has helped the people who have already taken the seminar. I am hoping it will really take off into something big.”

The Girl 2 Girl defense program DVD can be purchased online at girldefense.com.