Q. What are good uses for my old electronic equipment (televisions and computers)?

Q. What are good uses for my old electronic equipment (televisions and computers)?

A. I get this question often and in various forms, but the general gist is this: People have lots of decent, functioning computers and televisions out there they want to use rather than discard.

Many want to give them away, as the items rarely sell at garage sales, and some second-hand stores donít accept them, so what can you do?

Well, this week Iím admitting I donít have all the answers, and Iím looking for anybody out there who has good ideas.

The tables have turned, dear readers, and itís my turn to ask yíall a question: Does anyone know of organizations that can put older but functioning computers and televisions to work?

I do know that for a small fee of a few dollars, you can take the electronics to the Harvey County Transfer Station, and they send them to Leavenworth prison to be recycled in the UNICOR program.

Itís a good program, which provides inmates with income and provides an avenue to have such materials recycled. (And yes, the program has safeguards to make sure sensitive information off computers doesnít end up in the hands of inmates.)

The station cannot take TVs larger than 36-inch televisions or console televisions for recycling.

The transfer station will still accept the larger televisions or console televisions into the station to end up at the landfill.

That falls under the minimum $7 fee that applies to loads up to 500 pounds, so you might as well get rid of a bunch of other stuff while youíre at it.

In fact, if you stop by my house, I might be able to fill up your truck. ...

You also can join Freecycle.com and post any items in hopes someone is in need of it and will take it off your hands.

But beyond that, Iím at a loss.

So do any of you have any good ideas? Any individuals, charities, non-profits, educational or other institutions that can take the items off peopleís hands while keeping them out of the landfill? I eagerly await your input.

On that open-ended note, Iím out of here. Toodles Ďtil next week.