At first glance, President Barack Obama’s selection of Sonia Sotomayor to be the next associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court looks “historic” since she would become the first Hispanic on the High Court.

However, I am somewhat alarmed by the President lauding her “compassion” in reference to her decision-making attributes.

Normally “compassion” is a kindhearted term in polite company; but in legal circles, it is synonymous with “biased.”

I took Constitutional history at Wichita State University by professor Jim Duram, and my clearest reckoning of a justice’s duties is to know the law, evaluate the Constitutional soundness of a Law and interpret any and all precedent(s) prior to rendering judgement.

I often visualize the statue of the Roman goddess “Lady Justice” blindfolded with the balance-scales being weighed evenly.

That denotes justice should be equal and fair toward all.

Every person in society — ranging from the meek to the mighty — should be given a “fair shake.”

No one need be pitied; no one need be feared.

The equal scales of justice being blindfolded was to ensure “compassion” wouldn't enter the picture.

When a decision is rendered fairly, the blindfold essentially is lifted, so objectivity is seen by all.

I congratulate Ms. Sotomayor on her selection.

I just hope during her confirmation hearings she will describe what the “scales of justice” mean to her.

— Sincerely,

James A. Marples,