His pioneering use of an implantable device to end snoring earned a Newton physician national recognition by Medtronic, a leading developer of products to treat people with diseases of the ear, nose and throat, during the company’s annual employee holiday program Dec. 19 at the Medtronic World Headquarters in Minneapolis.

Dr. Barry Kimberley, an ear, nose and throat specialist who recently established his practice in Newton and joined the medical staff at Newton Medical Center, told thousands of Medtronic employees about his experience with the Pillar implant procedure.

The treatment reduces snoring and, in many cases, helps patients with obstructive sleep apnea. It can be performed in a clinic setting using only local anesthetic.

Kimberley was one of six physicians selected for this recognition.

The physicians and their respective patients were guests at a special reception and dinner hosted by Earl Brakken, the scientist who founded Medtronic.

The Pillar system is indicated for the use in the reduction of symptomatic, habitual snoring caused by a flutter of tissue in the soft palate.

The minimally invasive procedure may benefit patients with upper airway obstruction in mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Kimberley is the only Newton physician, and one of only five physicians in the greater Wichita metropolitan area, offering the procedure.

For more information, contact Kimberley at 283-2828. His office is in suite 101 of Newton’s Medical Office Plaza