A man has sued a suburban Kansas City hospital for injuries he suffered when an operating table malfunctioned.

OLATHE (AP) — A man has sued a suburban Kansas City hospital for injuries he suffered when an operating table malfunctioned.
Ivan Zeleznak, of Bonner Springs, filed the lawsuit against Shawnee Mission Medical Center on Tuesday in Johnson County District Court. The suit says that Zeleznak on March 12, 2007, was undergoing a radical prostatectomy, where physicians remove the cancerous prostate gland and surrounding tissue. Surgeons planned to use the da Vinci procedure, a minimally invasive operation with the help of robots.
Zeleznak alleged that while on the operating table, the table dropped him, disconnecting him from the da Vinci equipment “and inflicting severe and permanent injuries.” Zeleznak’s lawsuit doesn’t specify his injuries, but his attorney, Ronald Sites, said his client suffers permanent incontinence and impotence.
“The table dropped about five or six inches and his bladder was slashed,” Sites said, adding that Zeleznak was 63 when the accident occurred and was under general anesthesia.
The suit seeks unspecified damages from the hospital and negligent design and strict liability against the table’s manufacturer, Steris Corp.
Bruce Keplinger, an attorney for the hospital, said hospital officials have looked at the doctor’s operating report but haven’t seen the lawsuit and couldn’t comment on specific allegations.
“We will continue to investigate the matter and try to find out what happened with this Steris table during the operation,” he said. “But based on our investigation to date, we’ve seen no indication that any employee of Shawnee Mission Medical Center acted in any way improperly at any time during the surgery.”
Zeleznak’s lawsuit comes after Ronald D. Deffenbaugh Sr., founder of a waste management company that was sold last year, filed a lawsuit against Shawnee Mission Medical Center in January after he was dumped from an X-ray table in an accident that left him paralyzed. That lawsuit claims Deffenbaugh was left sedated, improperly restrained and unattended in June 2007. He fell off the table, breaking his neck.
The medical center has claimed that Deffenbaugh was using painkillers not prescribed by the hospital at the time of the accident. It says he was not sedated or anesthetized and that at least one radiology assistant was with him.