One of the most unusual, heart-touching news reports this season came from Jesus’ human ancestry, the Jews. Congregation Emanu-El stepped up to the plate in Wichita on behalf of some do-gooders themselves.

Actually the synagogue for more than a quarter century has prepared and delivered meals to homebound seniors at Christmas onset. Undoubtedly there are church folk in Newton too who likewise give Christmas relief to regular cooking and delivery of people of Meals on Wheels,

The regulars then have a chance to be with their families. But for Jews who reject the idea of the Messiah born as God in the flesh at Bethlehem, this is a remarkable demonstration.

Lonely hearts? We think of overhung marble engraved sign upon the entrance to the nearby Wichita VA hospital that says, “Nowhere else do you see the price of liberty so visible.”

There are those blessed too few who care enough to visit the beds and nursing home there or any hospital or nursing home anywhere.

Perhaps on the brighter side, there are those Newton residents, and some churches notably, who feed, clothe and bed freezing unfortunates at the Harvey County Homeless Shelter in the old Axtell Hospital basement. Nor can we forget the frosty toes and icy fingers of the few select who man the Salvation Army kettles with no bail out.

Forgive, please, this sparse column can’t cover all the good things like the nativity scene on the downtown courthouse lawn.

Have compassion after years and decades of the annual Christmas Eve jail service; it was shut down last year with the official edict, “No one is authorized to hold Christmas Eve services.”

This, after many souls were saved and lives changed in one of the most ghoulish and lonely places in all of the county.

The proposal of someone official, badge or not as stated law enforcement chaplaincy or otherwise, is a flagrant to sensitivity of the prisoners there, admitted or not.

What is in the mix to make Christmas, Christmas for the common man, the average Joe, or maybe our next-door neighbor to give a care? Jesus! Just wonderful Jesus.

For when all is said and done, it is still the Christ of crib and cross. He says so lovingly and quite fairly, “He that believeth not the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on Him” (John 3:36) Shouldn’t we much rather believingly invite wee baby Jesus to nestle in our hearts this holiday season?

Vern Bender is pastor at the People’s Bible Baptist Church in Newton.