It's open forum week,what's on your mind?

ē Itís that heartbreaking time of the year when you see poor, pitiful dogs left in pens in the yard to freeze. At best, they have a poorly constructed doghouse with no shelter from the wind and cold. Please talk to your neighbors and friends who are doing this. Drop them a note in the mail if you canít say it face to face. The poor animals would be loved and cared for more at the dog shelter. These animals deserve better. Help them out.

ē The teachers are cussing at the students also, so what are you talking about? Where are the administrators? The administrators are not ignoring it; theyíre doing it, too. You know, some of the parents need to get involved with the teachers yelling and swearing at the students.

ē Our city commissioners this year have purchased several different areas in town for the new fire station, the new conference center, plus the bank downtown. I hope since we are coming into winter months, they have money in their reserve to take care of our streets for this winter with snow and salt. I donít want to hear we are short on funds, because we did not have to purchase that bank downtown. We could have used that money to keep the city safe this winter. So just be prepared that we have enough to get us through the winter, and I hope we have reserved for that.

ē The circle around Athletic Park is one way, and every day people drive the wrong way around Athletic Park. Thereís going to be an accident. Pay attention, people.

ē Iím calling in regard to the person who made the comment in Mondayís paper about if you have medical bills, itís called medical insurance, and if you need food and supplies, itís called a job. That person obviously is not in touch with reality around here right now, because thereís a number of people who do not have jobs and would love to.