If Kansan Publisher Ken Knepper has his way, staff meetings will move across the street to the doughnut shop for a while because the conference room will be full — full of canned goods headed to the Salvation Army’s food pantry.

“I’d like to see our conference room packed with food items,” Knepper said. “My hope is they have to make many, many trips to deliver the food and we can help start the pantry to begin overflowing.”

The Kansan is teaming up with the Salvation Army after learning the pantry is all but bare and there’s no cash left for food assistance.

The pantry serves about 200 families per month. Families are eligible for food assistance once every three months.

Now through Dec. 19, the paper will offer discounts on subscriptions to those who donate to the Kansan food drive.

Anyone renewing, purchasing or extending a subscription of at least 13 weeks can get a discount.

“If they donate two non-perishable food items, we will give them 10 percent off a subscription,” Knepper said. “With six items it’s 15 percent, and with 15 or more, 25 percent off.”

Knepper said those discounts also will apply to gift subscriptions.

“This is an opportunity for us to give something back to the community,” Knepper said. “Every business in town exists to make money. But sometimes you have to look beyond the profits and loss statement and do what is right for the community.”

After the donation period is over, the Kansan will thank all who participated by recognizing them in the paper — in addition to the discount they received.

“This really is about our community,” Knepper said. “This really is simply providing an opportunity for the community to rally behind a need.”