As a personal friend of Tom Adrian, I’m writing on his behalf in his bid to become our state representative in the 72nd District.

Tom’s decision to run for this political office is the result of his desire to bring a “moderate” voice in the Kansas Legislature.

Tom has spent 36 years in the Newton community working for change and the betterment of our community. Now, it is time for Tom to represent us in Topeka.

As a retired public school administrator and educator, I support Tom’s ideas on improving public education by having good schools for all students, better support for retaining quality teachers and being a good steward of our tax dollars that are devoted to public education.

Tom will work hard to provide appropriate educational opportunities for our students and educators.

I, too, am concerned about affordable health care, expanded opportunities for senior care and the economy.

Because of his experiences in owning a small business, serving on health-care boards and bank boards, Tom not only will represent us but will bring new insights to these important topics.

Finally, in this important election on Tuesday, I urge you to consider the qualifications of Tom Adrian — a man of integrity, strong moral values, an excellent listener and an experienced advocate for our community.

We need Tom Adrian representing us in the 72nd District.

— Steve Williams, Newton