Tom Adrian will get my vote on Tuesday. Tom is a candidate for the 72nd District, Kansas House of Representatives, which includes North Newton, Newton and a portion of southern Harvey County.

Iíve known Tom both professionally and personally for 20 years.

In my opinion, he will bring a voice of reason and balance to a Legislature that lately has been adrift in a sea of divisive social meddling, short-sighted energy initiatives and misplaced priorities.

Tom is a Kansas success story, a hard-working farm kid whose keen intelligence, innate drive and social consciousness has today put him in position to bring his talents and experiences to bear on our behalf.

Tom is an attorney, comfortable with the intricacies of the law, the interplay of issues and the fine art of negotiation.

He is a businessman who runs a successful practice, employing and managing an accomplished professional staff.

In his professional capacity, Tom has helped countless people deal with all manner of personal matters; to say he understands the diverse needs of his fellow Kansans is an understatement.

Beyond his professional competence, however, what I most admire about Tom is his tireless personal commitment to his community and church.

Through the years, he has served on or chaired numerous boards and committees, willingly lending his wisdom and skills without fanfare or thought for personal gain. And, heís fun to be around, always ready with a good story or anecdote.

His even and upbeat temperament completes the portrait of a man who will add much-needed depth and compassion to the legislative process.

Kansas badly needs competent legislators. Our state government once again must concentrate on what governments are designed to do: to allocate limited resources for the common good; to provide, for example, quality public education services, comprehensive health care, a sound infrastructure, a favorable business climate, consumer protection, environmentally friendly energy policies, public safety and agency oversight.

Tom understands the need for the Legislature to work efficiently and effectively. The sessions are short, too short to dither much of them away with fruitless political forays.

Please give Tom your support on Tuesday; letís finally put a man of proven substance in the Kansas Legislature.

ó Tim Adams, North Newton