I am someone who lived through the Great Depression of 1929 through most of the 1930s. The reason we survived was due to the fact it was everyone for their own care as no “uncle sugar” existed until the liberal element of the government decided to buy votes by deciding to play Santa Claus.

The people of today’s Congress and Senate are falling all over themselves trying to figure out what caused the financial institutions of today going down and people losing homes, pensions, savings and jobs. The answer is two little words: easy credit.

Instead of the time-tried method of determining your ability to take on debt for a home or auto or even the clothes you wear, the banks and financial institutions fell for the old “greed” idea that we were on the up market and no end in sight. The idea “you deserve it” seemed to blind all reason.

Yes, the answer to our problems today are very simple — easy credit and plastic money. Why would we condemn the banks and money lenders when everyone in the United States has a credit card debt of more than $9,000? It is a national problem, and there is enough blame to include each and every one of us.

— Ted Roth, Newton