Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• To the older lady named Mary with a walker who found my vital papers, I greatly appreciate your turning them into the police department — my driver’s license and other papers I lost Monday at the Salvation Army parking lot. It was very kind of you, and again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much.

• To the person who contacted Voices about all pit bulls being so dangerous to people and animals:  Did you know most pits are not? Did you also know even the pit bulls explicitly trained for fighting in the Michael Vick case are loving canines that have been successfully placed with families? (Two were so severely injured they were euthanized.) Did you also know one of those Vick dogs is even recognized as a therapy dog? It's a shame we fear the entire breed based on maleficent uses by warped human subgroups!

• I am baffled by Newton’s public works director’s decision to buy a full-size, four-wheel drive SUV to get around town. Considering the high price of gas, would we not be smarter to buy a more economic passenger vehicle? I also wonder where this vehicle was purchased. I hope Newton dollars are staying in Newton.

• I applaud Wichita for going smoke-free.

• The city has bought us a new trash truck that’s supposed to pick up these Dumpsters, so the new rule is you have to have them three feet from any constructed area. I had a talk with my trash man yesterday, and I have a small Dumpster. The new truck will not pick up the small Dumpster; they still have to do it manually, as well as picking up the bins. Then we have a guy going around picking up cardboard. Where are we saving any money on this, if that truck cannot do everything it’s supposed to do? And why do I have to keep my trash can, which is a small one, away from any constructed area, when I know the trash men are going to pick it up themselves? Where are we saving the money?

• I agree with former Sheriff Motter and former undersheriffs regarding Wuthnow’s resignation. I also feel he should step down immediately.

• If seems like our city fathers and mothers, all they want to do is spend money. We’re buying land for the fire department, which is necessary. We’re buying land to build a new fairgrounds. We’re buying land to build a hotel and convention center. Where are we getting all this money? Why can’t the public have a vote on this? I don’t know why we have to continue buying stuff when our fairgrounds are fine where they’re at, we have hotels in this town. We do need a fire department; I agree with that. My taxes are more than my house is worth. This is ridiculous.

• The city seems to be very concerned about a few weeds in alleys around town. They should get out and look at the field just north of Broadway and east of Interstate 135, where the weeds are six feet high. They need to be mowed.